In the course of  its  career  Babirusa Danza  has  always been active in giving  various  courses and workshops, related to  contemporary dancing techniques as well as coreographic  formation. Babirusa  Danza offer  specific  workshops  where participants can explore  and experience  with  the use of different  tools and concepts which have been the very key  in the development  of their  scenic proposals, thus enabling them to  feel  their body  and give themselves  in an unique experience,  a laboratory  constantly evolving and learning.
Among  other  venues  Babirusa Danza has been invited  at Bambú Danza Madrid, Ars Madrid School of Music and Dance,  Cultural Association Gruñidos Salvajes Madrid,  Madrid European University,  Madrid Dance Professional Association, Donosti  Municipal School for Music and Dance and Madrid Descalzinha Danza.