First Price ex aequo in II AD Festival Urban action Competition Molina de Segura 2014.
Organic beings that live, feel and move under its own power. Survival, encounter, essential layer through instinct, the earth, the limits, the irrational, impulse, desire or emotional reason that induces us to do something without thinking suddenly. Action / Reaction.  Ánimo Animal raises the folds that may  exist between the thoughts or actions of people. We leave open to the audience the interpretation of the meaning of these suggestions.
Choreography and direction: Beatriz Palenzuela Martínez.
Asistant direction: Rafael de la Rafael De La Lastra.
Dancers: Rafael de la Lastra y Beatriz Palenzuela.
Soun Space: Babirusa Danza.
Set and wardrobe design: Babirusa Danza.
Photo: Antonio Baraja and Miguel Angel García.
Text: Beatriz Palenzuela.

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